The Female Whizzinator


With the upsurge of drug tests over time, manufacturers saw the need to come out with a whizzinator for females after producing the one for males. This particular kit that is also called whizz kit is a refillable pee bag which is relatively easy to use. Upon purchase, it comes with a pair of organic heat pads, an elastic and easily detachable cotton belt, a syringe of 60 ml capacity, bacteria-free premixed synthetic urine of over 3 oz alongside a temperature strip that is easy to read. Its functioning is relatively similar to that of a traditional Synthetic Urine though it is restricted to female use. The syringe that is attached to the kit is used for refilling the pee pouch, and the two heating pads keep the synthetic contents warm for as long as seven hours to ensure the temperature matches that of normal real human urine. The elastic belt is for wrapping the pouch around the waist and positioning it well, ensuring a stable position to avoid any bulges that may raise suspicion. A manual containing a set of instructions on how to use the kit is also attached to enable the user to familiarize herself efficiently with the apparatus thus improving its usability.

The refillable belt of the First Aid Synthetic Urine relies solely on gravity for its functioning so that when the pee sample is released, it is free from toxins and a rubber tube that is a part of the apparatus is responsible for this. The synthetic urine can last for up to 7 hours and is easily released by releasing the two clips that contain the urine in the bag. Extra caution should be exercised when using the female whizzinator. Avoid removing the pouch refill cap to avoid exposure of the urine to air since it is a sure way of introducing bacteria to the bag and causing contamination thus altering the results of the particular test. Frequent cleaning of the kit is essential but should be done only using lukewarm water and hydrogen peroxide to ascertain that it is bacteria-free and any potential risks are eliminated. It should be kept in highly hygienic conditions before using.

Any woman who intends to pass any urine drug test using this apparatus should consider making a purchase from reliable sources with early proven records of success in such tests to get the desired results and get value for their money.